Who we are…..

Maverick Digital Limited is a company in Nairobi Kenya. I am the sole founder and CEO. When I started the company I was 2 years late and was miserable at my former job. I kept telling myself how there is so much that this country can do but like everyone else I was watching from the sidelines and peeking inside. Lucky for me I had a boss from hell who made it easier for me to make the decision to quit.

Not Actual Boss but close

My initial excitement was with Digital Signage and the business of it, I researched everything about it and remember myself attending so many webinars but after a while I evaluated the whole thing and was like “can I really get businesses here to embrace digital signage like the way it is in EU or US” — cue 1st mistake I made. Thinking like that will make you never, ever, ever ever start on an idea.

Interactive solutions

So I shelved the idea and decided to become a Microsoft Reseller Partner. This is what I have been doing since July 2016 when I decided to quit my job and do it full time. In the time, I have learnt a lot about running a company. Its quite a lot, considering I was from a Techy background I have had to unlearn some things and learn again.

Maverick Digital Limited is a company I envisioned doing something unique and not just doing what every other company is doing but over the last couple of months, I felt like I have been doing exactly that. So after a while, I chose a different path. I am still going to be selling Microsoft, VMWare, Dell, HP, Google etc but I am also going to try and create SaaS.

Over the coming months, I am also going to try and create a community of like minded Africans who want to build solutions for Africa by Africa. The internet has created a level playing field but somehow Africa is just not in that field. We have to change that.

In the immediate future, I am creating Bots, and hoping to build a business around it. I initially was thinking “dont reveal to people what you are going to do” but I changed my mind. I need some form of accountability, I need to be able to back my mouth with my actions.

You can check us out on all Social platforms

Facebook.com , Twitter , Instagram

We also have a website www.maverick-digital.co.ke and welcome positive criticism and feedback.





On a journey, when i get there, I will call. Entrepreneur in the making. @jpmuga everywhere

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